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Emergency Response

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Food Cluster Meeting, Logbase, Port-au-Prince new schedule:

Mondays 10:30 - 11:30hrs

Venue unchanged (OCHA meetings tent, Logbase, Port-au-Prince).



NGOs - Who, What, Where?

Map your Distribution Sites online.
Food Cluster offers NGOs the possibility of automatically adding their distribution sites to an online map of Haiti.  Read this simple step-by-step guide to find out how.

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The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) is the primary mechanism for inter-agency coordination of humanitarian assistance. It is a unique forum involving the key UN and non-UN humanitarian partners.

WFP is leading the Food Aid Cluster and is responsible for the food distribution in Haiti

The cluster approach was first set out in a Humanitarian Response Review (HRR) paper commissioned by the UN. The basic premise was that accountability, predictability and reliability could be improved by identifying organisational leaders for areas in which there was an identified gap in humanitarian response. These organisations would then be responsible for specific areas, or clusters

Food Information: What we Distribute and Why

The World Food Programme and its partners are dealing with all aspects of food quality and safety from food purchase, storage, transportation, processing and distribution. One important element of our work is ensuring that food supplies are safe, of good quality and can contribute to an acceptable nutritional and health status for all population groups. Food Quality Control is linked to improvement in the health of the population, potential for a country's economic development and reduction of spoilage and food losses.
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