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Food Security Cluster

Welcome to the global Food Security Cluster!

The overall goal of the global Food Security Cluster (FSC) is to improve food security responses in humanitarian crisis situations.

The purpose of the global Food Security Cluster (FSC) is to promote responses that are:

·         Proportionate: The humanitarian imperative comes first – and the needs of disaster-affected communities should be the primary determinant of a humanitarian response. The global Food Security Cluster will promote proportionate needs-based responses and advocate for adequate resources and support.

·         Appropriate:  The global Food Security Cluster will promote appropriate – and therefore more effective – emergency food security interventions, which incorporate food assistance, emergency agricultural support, cash and voucher transfers and time-critical and urgent support to the protection and rapid restoration of agricultural livelihoods.

·         Timely: There have been significant investments and improvements in early warning systems – yet there is too often a gap between early warning and early response. The appropriate timing of phasing down or out of responses is also important. In slow-onset crises in particular, the global Food Security Cluster will aim to improve timeliness of responses in order to provide both a more effective and cost-efficient response.
The aim of the FSC is to support country-level food security clusters. This will be achieved through providing predictable, systematic and country-driven services. 

Seasonal and Hazards Calendar

Seasonal and Hazards Calendar combines information on major seasonal hazards like floods, droughts, cyclones and the prevalence of pests like locusts, alongside crop growing cycles and lean seasons.

It is developed by WFP's Emergency Preparedness and Response Branch as a tool for sharing within the humanitarian community. Currently it covers 76 countries, but is being expanded to other 20 countries.

See the calendar here.




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