Request for Food Aid

We are HP (Haiti Participative) UN recognized, started 72 hours after the earthquake. Our Medical Team reach already 7000 patients. Actually we focus on where the Helps are not yet. We struggle to provide Food Aid to those vulnerable that can't take lines primarily on 17 selected URCs. Your immediate available assistance would be greatly appreciated.
HP Emergency Chief of Liaison

1.             Centre Shemalie     107     Class A
2.             Camp Cité Jérémie    120     Class A
3.             Camp Adventiste    480     Class A
4.             Camp CFVF    425      Class B
5.             Centre H.Jacquet Aubry    234             Class B
6.             Camp Nan Citron    160             Class C
7.             Acra sud    1200             Class A
8.             Centre d’hébergement secours (Séminaire Théologique)    620             Class A
9.             Centre d’hébergement Sœur la Sagesse    100             Class A
10.          Centre Notre de Guadeloupe    700             Class B
11.          Chanje Lavi     196     Class C
12.          Ansanm nou fò    428     Class B
13.          Centre pasteur Willès    325     Class A
14.          Park Harry    300     Class C
15.          Espace Christopher    396     Class B
16.          Melericano Ste Marie     125     Class A
17.          Camp Mon repos     110     Class A
Class A: Very urgent;                         Class B: Urgent;                                    Class C: in need (less urgent comparatively)
Please not that the URC priority-class level assignment is not definitive. It has to be revised and updated every 2 weeks to better show the current situation and track the graphic evolution toward serving the victimized families equally under the Program called the “Underserved refugee camps identification program (URCId.)”



Request to provide aid for displaced people

Dear all,
I’m a coordinator with the Salesians for the Haiti relief and reconstruction effort and would to ask for your help. We have about 15,000 displaced people living in our works and we need all the help we can get providing for these displaced people and reconstructing our works in Haiti. Before the earthquake, we had six schools in the general PaP region and are trying to re-start classes using pre-fabricated structures and military tents. So far we have a need for 30 classrooms for 40 students and 236 classrooms for 24 students. Besides classrooms, there is a need to provide health aid to thousands of displaced people. Also, developing child protection programs as well as general protection for our communities are essential.
Please contact me regarding any questions you may have to provide help for these displaced people. As I’m sure all you are aware, rain season is coming soon in Haiti so quick coordination is needed.
Edson Timana
Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Effort
Salesian Missions, Inc.
2 Lefevre Lane
New Rochelle, NY 10801

[02 Mar 2010]



Medical Support

My name is Veronica Sarrabayrouse. I’m Argentinean living in NY. I’m coordinating (among a group of young professionals from different environments and Financial Institutions as well as part of Edeyo ( an non profit organization dedicated to improving the future of children in Haiti by rebuilding dilapidates schools, supplying students with learning materials and providing them with nutritional support) a trip to Haiti on a relief mission.
We are arriving PAP this coming Saturday and most of us will stay there for a week. We will be working with Edeyo in Bel-Air and surrounding communities providing medical support (we are going with one doc and two nurses), setting up tents for distribution of supplies such as hygiene, medical and food.
We collected large amounts of supplies including clothing but are not capable to ship everything so we decided in this trip to just ship medical, hygiene and some food.
We are in contact with several organizations and we know that in some cases, NGO locally have a lot of supplies but not that many resources to distribute them. The main reason of my email is to offer ourselves and find out if there were any NGO or organizations that you might be aware of locally that would like to partner with us. We didn’t want to pay for a shipment of food when we know that there might be supplies already there in Haiti, it’s just a matter of coordinating the distribution and we would like to offer ourselves for that.
We know that taking with us the supplies from the airport might be challenging and therefore we are in contact with several senior contacts at the IDB and Brazilian Embassy to request their support in getting the supplies out of the airport. We are still working on those responses to ensure that we have not problems.
I would like to know if you could recommend or introduce us with any organization that might have enough supplies (medical or food) in Haiti and that would be willing to work with us.
We are a total of 15 professionals committed to a long term and sustainable support in Haiti with regards to education, well being, and medical recovery.
[24 Feb 2010]


Fuel Relief Fund

Free diesel fuel is being provided by Fuel Relief Fund.
This non profit NGO has been delivering 20 to 50 gallons of free diesel to tent cities, clinics, small hospitals, and orphanages throughout Port au Prince and surrounding cities.
If you are aware of any locations needing emergency diesel fuel for those types of locations, all you need to do is have them email or call their local # 3421 1466 you can also visit their website at