North Africa Crisis

Dear Food Security Cluster colleagues,

No further FS&L cluster meetings are currently scheduled and food security discussions are expected to continue on a bilateral basis whilst cluster inputs will continue to be included in OCHA’s sitreps. WFP and FAO will coordinate the deactivation of cluster with LibAid and a working group will be established. The cluster information management officer has left the operation and handed over all information to LibAid.


If you have any questions please contact the FSC team at the following email addresses:

TRIPOLI: Cluster Leads
Lead Agency Focal Points
Erminio Sacco
Zlatan Milisic
Hazem El Zein

ZARZIS: Focal Point
Hala Suliman

BENGHAZI: Focal Point
Azhar Alazzawi
Ahmed Neihoum

ROME: Global Coordinator
Graham Farmer

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